I want to ensure that every writer, blogger, journalist, content designer and marketer has access to quality, easy-to-understand data with which they can improve the accessibility of their work. – Torbjørn Flensted, CEO & Co-Founder StoryBase

Our goal

We have nothing but respect for the creators out there, and think it’s downright silly if people should have 10 laminated certifications and a minor degree in computer science in order to “properly” use the web’s most powerful analytics tools.


At StoryBase, we only care about two things: your dreams and our data. We firmly believe that if we do our job: democratize big data, make it accessible and easy to understand; then you can enjoy your job: making sweet content that your readers will love, and love to share.


You shouldn’t have to spend your time crunching numbers and being put to sleep by spreadsheets; let us do that for you, you just keep creating!

Meet the StoryBase Team

Torbjørn Flensted


Kim Hove


William Grønholm


Louise Wilhelmsen