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By giving you access to peoples’ unfiltered Google searches, StoryBase makes it easy to identify their questions, concerns, thoughts, and dreams. You’ll always have the best insights for creating the most compelling and sought-after content.

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Link to Google Search Console and track your organic growth by viewing variations in clicks, impressions, and rankings for all your search queries and pages. StoryBase keeps you up to date with fresh measurements every day.

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Write only the most impactful stories using intelligent as-you-type SEO recommendations based on Google search data. StoryBase uses Google Search Console and Search Intent Score to predict future growth opportunities.

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Bloggers, copywriters, content marketers and SEOs of all styles and sizes trust StoryBase to help them access, understand and wield the power of data.

“StoryBase is a long tail keyword research MACHINE. Just enter a keyword and get hundreds of questions and phrases that people use to describe that topic online. Cool.”

Brian Dean
SEO & Content Marketing Expert

“StoryBase is my go-to tool for getting new ideas. I love how easy it to use and how it gives quick access to such a wide field of possibilities. StoryBase is a brilliant resource for anyone who is a storyteller.”

Neda Al-Seadi

“Storybase is one of my go-to tools for understanding the problems my buyer persona are looking to have solved. Using this data I can ensure that I create content that fulfils their needs and also gains traction in the search engines.”

Matthew Barby
Global Head of SEO at HubSpot

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