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    Questions & Answers

    Where’s this “big data” you’ve been bragging about?

    At StoryBase, we pride ourselves on boiling down complex data analysis into easy-to-use popularity insights. Better yet, that data comes from some of the most used sites around the web including: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook & Twitter.

    Why StoryBase?

    Unlike other data tools used by content creators, copywriters and marketers seeking to imbue their work with a little oomph, StoryBase was designed with the user in mind. StoryBase is for people who prefer to cut through the sleep-inducing numbers and graphs that infest traditional data tools, in favor of more relevant insights.

    So… I have a question about Questions, how meta is that?

    Ridiculously so! Questions is a great resource for creative brainstorming the purpose of your copy’s content. By getting insights into what people wish to know about a given subject, you can create copy that is more relevant and shareable to your readers. Learn more.

    What makes Phrases unique?

    Phrases provides long tail search data for you to digest and utilize as you seek to improve the digital marketing efforts of your content. Long tail data is very important because it reflects how people are searching for things online today. Learn more.

    Words, a keyword planner! Never seen one of them before, right!?

    While a keyword planning tool is by no means revolutionary, it is a fundamental piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Where most keyword planning tools simply function to help you discover important words for your content, StoryBase Words helps you solidify your contents marketability after Questions and Phrases has inspired you to design it. Learn more.

    How does Audience work?

    StoryBase Audience introduces you to your reader. Through the gathering of user data and habits StoryBase creates a picture of the people interested in a given topic, broken down by age and gender. Learn more.