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What people say about StoryBase

“StoryBase is a long tail keyword research MACHINE. Just enter a keyword and get hundreds of questions and phrases that people use to describe that topic online. Cool.”

Brian Dean
SEO & Content Marketing Expert

“So happy to have found StoryBase. It’s my go-to keyword research tool for video topics and am introducing my clients to it as well.”

Edie Clarke
Video Marketing Specialist
Virtually In Sync

“StoryBase has become an extremely valuable tool for us and is now an integrated part of all keyword analysis’ done by Resolution Media. StoryBase provides some valuable insights especially for content creation and content exploration.”

Rasmus Himmelstrup
Group Director, SEO
Resolution Media

“StoryBase is my go-to tool for getting new ideas. I love how easy it to use and how it gives quick access to such a wide field of possibilities. StoryBase is a brilliant resource for anyone who is a storyteller.”

Neda Al-Seadi

“StoryBase takes all the work out of searching keywords and data analytics to give you a simple tool you can start using instantly to come up with great new content ideas!”

Rivka Kawano
Social Media Consultant

“Storybase helps us pick just the right keywords for our blog posts. It’s allowed us and our clients to shoot to the top of search rankings and edge in on some of our biggest competitors. We’re delighted with the traffic results.”

Kaley Shorter
Content Strategist
Parisleaf Agency

“Storybase is one of my go-to tools for understanding the problems my buyer persona are looking to have solved. Using this data I can ensure that I create content that fulfils their needs and also gains traction in the search engines.”

Matthew Barby
Global Head of SEO at HubSpot

“Storybase is our preferred tool for content writing. To make it easier for the content team, we have integrated links to Storybase almost everywhere in our back end. It makes it so easy to do a quick keyword analysis on a word or a term.”

Per Allerup

“Storybase has been critical for our marketing strategy. Internally, we use it to plan, develop and execute our content strategy. Externally, it connects us to our customers by showing us what they want to read.”

Tim Jernigan
Content Manager
Badger Maps

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