By Torbjørn Flensted, last updated 4. May 2016.

Keyword research is nothing new, and many of us are not exactly strangers to its practice. Hours upon hours spent poured of tedious spreadsheets and mind-numbing comparison charts just to determine whether or not a set of words is valuable to our brand.

At StoryBase, everything is designed with creative people in mind, which is why our ‘keyword planner’ functions more like a mind map than a search volume determinant.

Discovering what matters
Words takes users from a simple searched word to thousands of possibilities, letting your mind wander freely along the way. When we search for any subject in Words, what we are given is a collection of the most popular keywords people search in relation to, and because of that subject.


Searching for ‘google’ offers a perfect taste of what we can expect from words. Top to bottom, Words is a journey through the essence of ‘google’. As you go through the results of a given topic, you are presented with a host of distant yet relevant words to help round out your brainstorming efforts.

We can see many of Google’s most popular products on display. Now, if we imagine we were searching for something less all-encompassing than Google, this could lead us to exploring an avenue of the company a lot of people are interested in, but that not much has been written about, that’s where we can come in. This is really the essence of Words, an avenue for discovering that which you, as a creator, might otherwise have missed.