Wiideman Consulting Group: 30,000 New Visits in Five Months (Case Study)

By Torbjørn Flensted, last updated 16. June 2017.

Wiideman Consulting Group has been using StoryBase to support their clients’ content marketing strategies since early 2015, with a goal of providing helpful, problem-solving content to potential customers. The Questions feature has played a key role in finding content opportunities and applying an array of similar keywords within pages promoted on both enterprise and multi-location websites.

One recent success Wiideman has had with a client in the storage industry involved 12 pages of keyword-enhanced content, solving common storage problems such as “How to Store a Refrigerator” or “How to Store a Car”.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the research team, a talented writer and a few creative videos, the website has seen over 30,000 new visits since the new content launched in August of 2015.

This approach, and thanks to the fabulous data by StoryBase, has resulted not only in new visitors, but in the company’s ability to be part of what Google has been defining as “Micro-Moments”, where the brand can introduce themselves before the potential customer has even started their search for the service offered (in this case, self-storage).

This one effort has boosted remarketing efforts across search and social channels, allowed for extremely low-cost video advertising, and grown the company’s client base significantly over the last 4 months alone.

According to Wiideman Consulting Group’s founder, Steve Wiideman, “StoryBase is an essential tool for any marketer hoping to make an early impact on future customers and for growing organic search and social media traffic over time. We can’t live without it.”