By Torbjørn Flensted, last updated 4. May 2016.

Questions is perhaps the feature we are most proud of here at StoryBase. Questions looks at data from sources all over the internet, including Google, Bing, Facebook and Wikipedia, and compiles it into the most burning questions people are asking about a given topic.

We believe that answering our readers’ questions is an integral part of the content creation process. When creating a resource for an audience, as content creators, we tend to ask ourselves “why” something is useful, relevant and/or necessary. It is not always easy to answer this question, but knowing what questions our readers need answered is a great place to start.

Answering Questions
To get a better idea of how Questions functions, let’s start by doing some research of our own about a popular research topic: marketing. Marketing is one of the reasons we all enjoy using StoryBase, and it is essential to getting noticed on the web. It is no wonder therefore that nearly 8,000 questions have been asked about marketing in the last 12 months.


When we enter a topic into StoryBase, we are met with a list of the most important questions being asked about it, ranked from most popular to least. We can use this information to simply create content, or use it as a jump off point for our own unique ideas.

With Questions, we already know what our readers are asking, and we have the ability to quench their thirst for answers. However, the power of StoryBase doesn’t stop there, if we want to learn more about how our audience searches for answers, check out Phrases, and discover what people want to learn about in relation to our topic.