By Torbjørn Flensted, last updated 4. May 2016.

Nobody does long tail keywords quite like StoryBase. Doing content research for our topic is about more than what questions people are asking, or what keywords they are searching for.

Long tail keyword research lands somewhere in between showing us what keywords are relevant to a given topic, and the questions people have in relation to it. Enter Phrases, which shows us what associations people make with our topic, allowing us to address related interests our readers may have. In this way, Phrases is all about one thing…

Deeper Insights
Let’s jump right into Phrases with a quick search for another of the internet’s most sought after topics: digital marketing. Digital marketing results are tailored for web content, and because it is a more specific search than simply ‘marketing’, there is a lot we can learn.


In the case of digital marketing, 4600 phrases provides a great opportunity to find inspiration for building relevant content.