Our amazing new tool and grow your organic traffic from Google!

By Torbjørn Flensted, last updated 6. June 2019.

We are live today with the beta version:

The tool is called StoryBase Analyze and it’s super smart! It connects to Google Search Console and automatically matches a webpage’s text with its search history.

Based on the analysis, the tool gives suggestions for words from the search history that are not yet used in the webpage’s text.

The result? You can quickly gain higher rankings and more organic traffic!

Please note: We are working on guides, videos, and webinars for the tool, but if you can’t wait to try it, here’s a short walk-through:

  • Navigate to Analyze.
  • Click on “New analysis” and choose a name.
  • Connect to Google Search Console.
  • Select a website and a webpage.

You’ll now see an analysis of the webpage. Here’s a screenshot of the analysis on the front page of SearchVolume.io:

Tip: Make sure that the auto-fetched text matches the text on the webpage. If it differs, then copy and paste the correct text to the text area and rerun the analysis by clicking on “Analyze.”

What the analysis shows

  • The Search Intent Score™ shows the relation between clicks and impressions for words used in the text and clicks and impressions for words not used in the text. The score is a number between 0 and 100. A score from 0 to 50 hints “Bad,” 50 to 80 hints “Medium,” and 80 to 100 hints “Good.” The higher the score, the more the text contains words from the webpage’s search history.
  • Choose “Suggestions” to see all words used less than twice in the text.
  • Choose “Clicks” to see a heatmap for all the words in the text that attract clicks on Google.
  • Choose “Impressions” to see a heatmap for all the words in the text that attract impressions on Google.

Here’s an example of a heatmap for the text on SearchVolume.io:

How to use the analysis

Find words and phrases to use in the text. In my example, one of the suggestions on SearchVolume.io is “research.” It is not used in the text, but it has contributed 4.941 clicks in the past year:

Tip: Click on a word in the column “Word” to see the phrases from the search history that contain the suggested word. Here, I have clicked on “research” and you can see that the phrase “keyword research tool free” has 1.465 clicks, 53.725 impressions, and an average position of 7.8:

So “keyword research tool free” is a good example of a phrase that I can use in the text to get better rankings and more organic traffic.

Your next step toward more organic growth: