Find the content ideas that attract customers

StoryBase Explore gives you access to people’s unfiltered search queries. Knowing those gives you the audience insights and content ideas you need to create the most compelling and sought-after content.

Find the most important phrases

Phrases helps you broaden your creative possibilities by introducing you to real search queries and story angles you may not have considered. Use Phrases to optimize existing Evergreen Content or create something new.

Find the questions your audience wants answered

Questions is our flagship feature, and we like to think of it as magic. Simply pop in the topic of your next article and StoryBase will find the questions your audience wants answers to, so that you can address them on their terms in your content.

Who is your target audience?

With the help of Demographics on a search queries level, you can better understand who your audience is and whether or not a certain story will interest them and if it can be tweaked to better suit their needs.

The most useful features:


Access the world’s biggest database of Google search queries.


See what people are searching for.


A fast, automated way to group your phrases and questions by topics.


Save all your research on lists.


Export your work to Excel.


Find topics related to your content.


A simple way to share your work with colleagues or clients.

Trusted by 1000’s of marketers

Bloggers, copywriters, content marketers and SEOs of all styles and sizes trust StoryBase to help them access, understand and wield the power of data.

“StoryBase is a long tail keyword research MACHINE. Just enter a keyword and get hundreds of questions and phrases that people use to describe that topic online. Cool.”

Brian Dean
SEO & Content Marketing Expert

“StoryBase is my go-to tool for getting new ideas. I love how easy it to use and how it gives quick access to such a wide field of possibilities. StoryBase is a brilliant resource for anyone who is a storyteller.”

Neda Al-Seadi

“Storybase is one of my go-to tools for understanding the problems my buyer persona are looking to have solved. Using this data I can ensure that I create content that fulfils their needs and also gains traction in the search engines.”

Matthew Barby
Global Head of SEO at HubSpot

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