By Torbjørn Flensted, last updated 4. May 2016.

Writing content for an audience is a difficult task even at the best of times. However, knowing who our readers are is a pretty awesome way to prepare our content and make it as approachable as possible.

Audience is a special feature for StoryBase Plus subscribers, and is designed to help provide that extra bit of relevance for the content we create. Whether it’s for content we’ve already written, plan to create, or just a competitive analysis, Audience shows us who it appeals to.

Who Cares?
Audience takes whatever topic we are interested in, sorts through all the relevant data and tells us who our target demographic is for that topic. In the case of ‘SEO’, one of the most common searches on the internet, Audience offers up a pretty good idea of who is interested in the subject.


We can see that our key demographic is male aged 36-49, that is pretty obvious, and useful for someone looking to set a specific tone for their content. However, what might be equally important here is for someone who has a specific audience, and wants to know if ‘SEO’ is a subject they might be interested in.